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    Sales of outdoor lamps and lanterns led lighting
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    The current domestic market of lamps and lanterns has more than 160, of which the bigger of the two are: wenzhou Oriental world of lamps and lanterns, guangdong zhongshan guzhen, jiangsu changzhou zou area lamps and lanterns city, shandong linyi lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns city, zhengzhou jintai city xian, Beijing ten mile river lamp wholesale market of lamps and lanterns, guangdong table lamps and lanterns city, Shanghai good home ACTS the role of lamps and lanterns city, shenyang Zhang Shi lamps and lanterns city. Unlike other lamps and lanterns of sales channels, stores the person is a guarantee of business profits, business sales way is the basis of its profit. For stores in the outdoor lamps and lanterns of professional business, the sales way tend to be the sales of its products play an important role.

    We have learned, outdoor lamps and lanterns in wine stores generally choose enterprise self-built exhibition platform: one is in the outdoor lamps factory display area. As the industry leader is bright and beautiful. Built in the group, the world's largest light LED the whole industry chain product experience centre, office lighting, commercial lighting, indoor and outdoor lighting, and other exhibition hall. The second is in the region where centralized exhibition display area is established. This way of exhibition in the ancient town of PI intersection has instances, a variety of different styles of different styles of street lamp, landscape lamp arrangement, form a centralized exhibition area.